A laptop and a tablet displaying different activities available on Earlybird.
A laptop and a tablet displaying different activities available on Earlybird.

Save time with Earlybird activities and teaching materials

Introducing the leading play-based emergent curriculum designed exclusively for daycare providers and preschool teachers who are seeking a comprehensive and research-based solution.

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Raise your hand if...

✔️ You feel like there is never enough time to get everything done
✔️ You spend too much time scouring Pinterest and Facebook for activities, only to have them be lackluster
✔️ You want to offer your kids high-quality learning that’s fun
✔️ You only want easy, low-prep activities, saving you time to focus on what really matters… the kids.

You deserve the tools and resources to take control of your childcare center.

Save time, money, and energy.

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The Learning Library

A laptop and a tablet displaying different activities available on Earlybird.
A young woman and her daughter hugging each other and smiling.

Materials backed by research

As a member of the Earlybird Learning Library, you can be confident that you're providing a play-based daycare curriculum that meets the unique developmental needs of the children you care for.

Our materials are developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) and rooted in research, ensuring that all foundational skills are built through purposeful play. By incorporating play-based activities into every aspect of learning, you can foster cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth in the children you care for.

Inside the Learning Library

Everything you need to make your days easier, and less stressful, including:

Learning Activities

350+ developmentally appropriate learning activities in critical developmental domains: literacy, numeracy, motor, social-emotional and creative thinking.


Make planning a breeze with our 41+ themes (e.g. outdoor, number recognition, games, weather).

Learning Materials

Set up your daily routines like welcome centers and circle time, and help kids learn their foundational skills including reading, writing, math, and social skills.

Parent Support

Make your days easier, by ensuring your parents know how to support their child and build important skills at home.

Teacher Organization

Stay on top of everything with our suite of teacher organizational resources that make planning your days, weeks, and months easier.

Room Organization

Create an organized learning space with our beautiful classroom organizational materials that keep your days running smoothly.


Learn how to host a play+learn using our how-to playbook and resources. Show off your space and increase enrolment!


Create a calm, beautiful learning environment with our room decor that is not only gorgeous but also educational.

Shoppable Lists

Fin what you need with our shoppable lists of expert-recommended toys, storage options, and supplies.

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Learning Library



350+ low-prep activities
Print-and-go learning materials
Suggested weekly lesson plans
Organizational materials
Classroom decor
Shoppable lists
Family support materials
Marketing materials

*Total value of contents: $950*

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* Price for a single user licence.
Multiple user licenses available.

Purchasing for your entire center or entire child care network, e-mail us at hello@learningwithearlybird.com to learn about our group discounts.

A young woman and her daughter hugging each other and smiling.

Cut your prep time in half – just print and go!

✦ Cover everything you need to make sure your kids learn to read, write, and do math, as well as build healthy social skills.

✦ You can do all the activities with materials you already have - no fancy supplies or expensive toys are required!

✦ Search activities by keyword to find exactly what you’re looking for, or filter by age, material, or skill.

✦ Not ready to do the activity yet? Hit the little heart icon and save the activity to your Saved section to do later.

Daily routines keep everyone on track

We give you the materials you need to keep those routines going:

✦ Welcome the children each morning with centers
✦ Set up a circle time routine with our beautiful calendar printables, weather station, and letter and number of the day materials
✦ Build self-regulation skills by setting up a calm-down corner
✦ Change up your dramatic play area with beautifully hand-illustrated, printable dramatic play materials so your kids can pretend to be a doctor, grocery store owner, ice cream shop cashier, or postman

A young woman teaching numbers to her daughter with the help of some number cards.
A young woman and her daughter hugging each other and smiling.

Staying organized has never been easier

A well organized learning environment makes your life easier because kids know what to expect and how they can help. Inside the Resource tab you will find materials to organize your space and yourself:

✦ Daily routine cards and supply labels

✦ Day plans, week plans, daily reports to parents, student information sheets, observation logs, and sign in sheets

Ensure parents are doing their part at home

We have a suite of parent support materials that you can print out and send home to make sure families understand their child’s development and how to support them at home:

✦ how to manage their kid’s tantrums, build a growth mindset, and who to talk to if they have concerns about their child’s development
✦ handouts are well-designed and research-backed, making you look professional and knowledgeable

A young woman teaching numbers to her daughter with the help of some number cards.
A young woman and her daughter hugging each other and smiling.

Decor materials that are both beautiful and educational

The environment is a child’s third teacher – after the teacher and the parent. We make sure you have a beautifully designed environment that educates and inspires with our custom designed posters, affirmation cards, letter banners, mirror affirmations and more!

Meet Renée, co-founder of Earlybird

The Library and all of its materials have been designed by Renée Jordan, a Columbia-educated child development expert and teacher. She has partnered with other experts, such as physios, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists to ensure every detail of Earlybird is backed by research.

As a teacher herself she knows how busy your days are, and how much time, care, and attention goes into selecting activities and setting up a developmentally appropriate learning environment. Renée designed all these materials for her own students, and now she is sharing them you to save you time so you can focus on what matters... the kids.

Renée Jordan holding her two kids.

The Earlybird parenting app

For a limited time, we're offering Earlybird Learning Library members the opportunity to provide their families with discounted access to the Earlybird parenting app.

This innovative app teaches parents what they need to know about child development so they can become your partners in actively supporting their child's learning and growth at home.

Details about the offer and how to share it with your families are available inside the Library.

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A laptop and a tablet displaying different activities available on Earlybird.
Hear it from them

What our members are saying

“This play-based curriculum has truly transformed our classroom. It's not only making my day-to-day activities easier to plan, but my kids love the learning. The resources are beautifully designed, engaging, educational, and adaptable to different learning styles.”

Preschool Teacher

“The research-backed approach provides a solid foundation for early childhood development and our staff couldn't be happier with the results. Earlybird has made our jobs easier and we highly recommend it to all childcare providers!"

daycare owner

“Earlybird's Learning Library offers a treasure trove of age-appropriate activities that are not only fun but also incredibly educational. The teacher resources and organizational materials have lightened my planning workload, allowing me to focus more on the kids.


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